(Paper) Sample Paper For MANAGEMENT SCIENCE B.Tech Production (JNTU)

Paper : Sample Paper For MANAGEMENT SCIENCE B.Tech Production (JNTU)

(Common to Electronics & Communication Engineering, Electronics & Telematics)

Time:3 hours
Max. Marks:80

Answer any FIVE questions

All questions carry equal marks

1. What is an organization? Explain different types of organizations along with their merits and demerits.

2. What is social responsibility?

3. What do you understand by Acceptance sampling? Explain the concept of single and double sampling plans.

4. What are the advantages of training and development?
What are the difference between training and development?

5. State the objectives of purchasing. Describe the various steps involved in purchase procedure for a medium size industry.

6. What is productivity? Discuss some of the tools and factors which affect productivity.

7. a) What are the objectives of network analysis?
b) What are the applications of network analysis?
c) State the differences between PERT and CPM.

8. Write a note on optimization of project cost and project duration. Illustrate your answer

4. (a) Discuss the role of specifications in a construction work. Explain with examples.

(b) What is Bill of Quantities? Discuss how a bill of quantities is organized. (7+7)

5. (a) Why is waterproofing of an RCC slab important? (4)

(b) Discuss briefly the process of waterproofing an RCC slab. (10)

6. (a) Write at least seven critical factors to be examined in a form work system. (7)

(b) Why is compaction of concrete necessary? (2)

(c) Write at least five main measures to be taken when a poker vibrator is used for good and proper compaction of concrete. (5)

7. (a) Write briefly about different types of contracts. (6)

(b) Write at least eight general conditions of a contract. (8)

8. Write short notes on any four of the following (4x3 1/2)
(a) Cement register
(b) Steel register
(c) Stripping time of form work
(d) Chlorination
(e) Anti-termite treatment
(f) Muster Roll
(g) Bar bending schedule