(Paper) BCA : CS-70 Introduction to Software Engineering Question Papers (Set - 1)

Paper : BCA : CS-70 Introduction to Software Engineering Question Papers (Set - 1)
Note: Question number 1 is compulsory. Answer any three questions from the rest.

Q.1. (a) What is software maintenance ? Describe briefly three types of maintenance.

(b) What is 4GL ? Explain at least three areas which are impacted by the advent of 4GLs.

(c) What is benchmark testing ? Why is it necessary ?

(d) Apply Watefall model for development of a Telephone Directory Search System. Indicate in detail, each of the steps.

Q.2. (a) Consider the following team structure.
A senior programmer and some junior programmers form a team that is called a Chief Programmer team. Compare the communication paths in this structure with controlled decentralized structure. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this structure ? Under what conditions will you suggest that this structure be used ?

(b) Who is a Systems Analyst ? Elaborate on the technical and interpersonal skills required of a Systems Analyst. When is one skill favoured over the other ? Why ?

Q.3. (a) State at least five risks in Software Engineering. How will you manage them?

(b) What are the ten causes of failure of CASE in some projects ?

Q.4. (a) How are MIS and DSS related ? How do they differ from each other ?

(b) Several organizations don't have their own software development divisions and they outsource the work of Software Development to External Software Development organizations. Is it justified to outsource all types of software projects or should outsourcing be limited to only some categories ? Explain your answer.

Q.5. (a) State at least ten principles of Software Engineering.

(b) List at least five guidelines which will help prevent problems during Analysis and Design phases.