(Paper) BCA : CS-70 Introduction to Software Engineering Question Papers (Set - 2)

Paper : BCA : CS-70 Introduction to Software Engineering Question Papers (Set - 2)
Note: Question number 1 is compulsory. Answer any three questions from the rest.

(a) Explain that importance of problem identification in software development. Explain how a data flow diagram represents workflow in a typical Library Management system.

(b) What is the concept of project outsourcing? Give two explains each, with justification of where outsourcing is recommended and where outsourcing is not recommended.

(c) Explain the term ‘quality of software.; Consider factors which can affect the quality of this software. Justify your answer.

(d) Explain the concept of object oriented programming. List four important features each of Oracle and lingers.

(a) What are the possible S/W team structures? In which of these is communication horizontal? Use examples of such teams to explain your answer.

(b) What is software upgradation? What are the process to be followed for upgradation? Explain four problems the proper methodology for upgradation.

(a) Describe briefly four major functions of s Systems Analyst. Also describe four important attributes that a Systems Analyst must have.

(b) Describe four problems encountered in applications development.

(c) How does minimization of intellectual distance make software maintenance easy? Which design approach is developed using this concept?

(a) What is project scheduling? Describe at least three functions associated with project scheduling. Explain four options available to a project manager when a project is behind schedule.

(b) Prepare an SRS document for an airline reservation system. Explain how design reviews can uncover deficiencies in this.

(a) How is ‘risk management’ performed in a software project/ List any six risks of a s/w project, and the corresponding risk management techniques.

(b) What are the considerations of evaluating a CASE tool? Also list five benefits of using CASE tools.