(Paper) BCA : CS-70 Introduction to Software Engineering Question Papers (Set - 3)

Paper : BCA : CS-70 Introduction to Software Engineering Question Papers (Set - 3)
Note: Question number 1 is compulsory. Answer any three questions from the rest.

(a) Explain the role of the software development team. Normally, who is responsible to select and build the software team for a new project. Also mention the various options that are available in order to assign/allocate “x” people to work for “y” years on a newly arrived software project.

(b) Explain the significance of the project planning and control. Also, describe the four major steps for the projects planning.

(c) With the help of a suitable example, explain the concept of re-application of the software modules.

(d) What is 4GL? List and explain different advantages of the 4GL over the 3GL.

(a) List and explain the important qualities of the software product and the process.

(b) Describe the integrated structured methodologies briefly.

(a) Consider to design a system for the inventory and billing operations of a “retail Medical Outlet”. Draw the context level and the first level data flow diagrams (DFDs) for the system and also prepare a SRS document.

(b) Explain the software crisis from the programmer’s point of view.

(a) Describe the life cycle of a computer-based system. Also explain the concept of Waterfall model of software life cycle.

(b) List various management risks in the Software Engineering and the corresponding techniques to manage them.

(a) What are CASE tools? Explain the two generations of the CASE tools. With the help of an example for each, explain the broad classification/categories of the CASE tools.

(b) Describe the concept of software reliability, software reviews and software upgradation.