(Paper) BCA : CS-70 Introduction to Software Engineering Question Papers (Set - 4)

Paper : BCA : CS-70 Introduction to Software Engineering Question Papers (Set - 4)
Note: Question number 1 is compulsory. Answer any three questions from the rest.

(a) List the merits and demerits of Waterfall model.

(b) Design a system for the Hospital Management. Draw the content level and joint level data flow diagrams (DFDs) for the system and also prepare a SRS document for the same. Describe the necessary assumptions

(c) Define GUI and explain its various components. What types of errors do you anticipate while designing a user interface?

(d) Discuss the various steps to be followed for successful project implementation

(a) For the creation of a quality product, a quality process is necessary. Describe how CMM ensures the quality of software development process.

(b) Differentiate between following:
(i) Testing and Debugging
(ii) Reverse Engineering and Re Engineering
(iii) Compiler and Interpreter

(a) Mention any five types of risks that a software development project faces and their management techniques.

(b) Explain any five salient features of Object Oriented Programming with example.

(a) What is 4GL? What are its limitations?

(b) Explain any two project scheduling techniques with examples.

Q.5 Write short notes on the following with suitable example, if any:
(a) Software Quality Assurance
(b) Software Crisis
(c) CASE Tools