(Paper) BCA : CS-75 Intranet Administration Question Papers (Set-2)

Paper : BCA : CS-75 Intranet Administration Question Papers (Set-2)
Note: Question number 1 is compulsory. Answer any three questions from the rest.

Q. 1. (a) Give any two differences between Intranet and Internet. Also, list any three advantages of Intranet.

(b) Differentiate between internal and external security threats in an intranet.

(c) Explain the purpose of the following
(i) Kerberos v5
(ii) Windows NT LAN Manager (NTLM)
(iii) Secure Socket Layer/Transport Layer Security

(d) Differentiate between Intranet authoring and management tools. Give one example of each type of tool also.

(e) What is the difference between local and domain account types ? Write the steps for creating these accounts.

(f) What is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) ? Give one advantage and disadvantage of VPN.

Q.2. (a) Explain the public key infrastructure solution' with the help of an example.

(b) What is Agora ? Explain any two of its properties that make it useful for E-commerce.

Q.3. (a) Give any two uses of intranet authoring tools. Also list any three features of these tools.

b) What is distributed database? Give two benefits of using a distributed database for an organization. Give two differences between a distributed database and a file server model.

Q. 4. (a) What is the importance of an Internet Information Server? Give any two differences between an Internet information server and a personal web server.

b) What are the different classes of IP addresses ? Explain each class, with an example.

Q. 5. (a) What are the different firewall technologies ? Explain the working of the packet filter firewall technology.

(b) What are the uses of the following commands in an Intranet/Internet ? Write their complete syntax also.
(i) Unlink in HTTP
(ii) TOP msg n in POP