(Paper) BCA : CS-75 Intranet Administration Question Papers (Set-3)

Paper : BCA : CS-75 Intranet Administration Question Papers (Set-3)
Note: Question number 1 is compulsory. Answer any three questions from the rest.

Q.1. (a) "An Intranet uses the Internet technologies within an organization to achieve better results than the conventional means of data access and transfer.” Give comments in support of the above statement.

(b) Write and explain any five benefits of implementing Intranet in any organization

(c) List any five security threats in an Intranet and also mention what can be the solution(s) for each of them.

(d) Mention the role of the following with example(s) for each of the following with respect to Intranet :
(i) Servers
(ii) Clients
(iii) Security systems
(iv) Protocols

Q.2. a) What is Groupware ? List any five broad range of applications associated with them.

b) Mention the context where a database is required in the Intranet application(s). List any five databases (internal databases or external databases) which can be used as Backend for the applications. Also mention about the database connectivity required to connect respective databases with the front end applications.

Q.3. a) What is encryption and decryption ? How can these be achieved using the SSL ?

b) What is Authentication ? List and explain any three types of authentication mechanisms supported by WINDOWS 2000 Operating System.

c )What is an Intranet Authoring tool ? List any four authoring tools.

Q. 4. (a) Assume a network of an organization with departments (HR, Manufacturing, Marketing, Finance, Sales) and having sufficient number of computers in each. Configure an Intranet for the specifications of the company defined above. Also, list the applications which can be launched on the Intranet. Make any necessary assumptions.
b) Give five reasons why an organization should implement the distributed databases.

Q.5. (a) What is an Application Server ? List any four application servers that are available in the market.
(b) What is an IP address ? Into how many classes is the static IP address divided ? Give their purpose of use and the respective address structures.
(c) Write the full forms for the following:
i) CGI
ii) UDP
iii) IIS
iv) IMAP