(Paper) BCA : IGNOU : CS-66 Multimedia (Set -4)

BCA : IGNOU : CS-66 Multimedia (Set -4)
Note: Question number 1 is compulsory. Answer any three questions from the rest.

(a) Explain two applications of multimedia. Describe different types of requirements for multimedia computer system that will support your applications.

(b) List any five services that are available to people due to advertisement of computing and communication technologies.

(c) Describe Everest Authoring System.

Q.2. Give the template for audio description in multimedia application development.

(a) Describe any two multimedia file formats.

(b) What is digital video? Explain the application of it in the development of multimedia applications.

(a) List any five facilities that need to be supported by a multimedia network for any business industry.

(b) Explain the working and principle of QuickTime.

(a) List any five tips for creation of textual information in a multimedia application.

(b) What is a Sound card? Explain its working and principle.