(IIT Patna) : Indian Institute of Technology Patna

(IIT Patna) : Indian Institute of Technology Patna

About IIT Patna:

Indian Institute of Technology Patna is one of the new IITs established by an Act of the Indian Parliament on August 06, 2008.

Patna which was known as Patliputra has been a center of knowledge since long has been attracting visitors and scholars from many parts of the world such as China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Sri Lanka, among others. This has been a land of visionaries. Some of the legends from this region include Lord Gautam Buddha, Lord Mahavir, Guru Gobind Singh, the famous astronomer Aryabhatta and the first President of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad.

IIT Patna has ten departments: These are Computer Science & Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Humanities & Social Science departments.

As of April 2016, IIT Patna has six hundred seventy students enrolled in its B Tech programs, one hundred sixty one M.Tech students and two hundred fifty nine Ph.D students. Since inception in 2008 and till April 2016, more than four hundred students have been awarded B.Tech. degree, more than seventy five students have been awarded M.Tech. degree and more than 20 research scholars have been awarded PhD degree.

As of April 2016, faculty strength of IIT Patna is one hundred one (which includes one DST Ramanujan Faculty Fellow, one Adjunct Faculty, one DST INSPIRE Faculty and one Visiting Professor). Faculty members are supported by more that seventy efficient staff (non-teaching) members. These numbers are anticipated to increase as the Institute is growing at a steady pace. The faculty members of IIT Patna have a wide range of academic and research experience. They have been trained in the top ranked Institutes within the country and abroad.

Contact Details:

Indian Institute of Technology Patna
Address : Indian Institute of Technology Patna, Bihta, Patna -801103 (Bihar)
Telephone : +91-612-302 8067
Website: www.iitp.ac.in

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