(Info) About Engineering Branches (Electrical Engineering)

Info : About Engineering Branches (Electrical Engineering)

Electrical engineering is an engineering discipline that deals with the study and application of electricity and electromagnetism. Its practitioners are called electrical engineers. Electrical engineering is a broad field that encompasses many subfields.

The types of work electrical engineers do is diverse. Many work on the integration of discrete electrical components with the aim of designing systems or devices that fulfil a particular purpose. Others may work on the design of individual electrical components, the operation and maintenance of such systems or the processes behind the manufacturing of such devices.

The sciences of mathematics and physics are fundamental to electrical engineering as they help to obtain both a quantitative and qualitative description of how such systems will work. Today most engineering work involves the use of computers and it is commonplace to use CAD programs to design electrical systems.

Although electrical engineering has many subfields, they all center around electromagnetism. Some work directly with Maxwell's equations to manipulate RF signals; some with electric power; and some with signal manipulation. Most of these subfields directly interface with computers. For example, power engineering is increasingly relying on computers for the distribution, accounting and control of power.

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