(Info) About Engineering Branches (Information Technology)

Info : About Engineering Branches (Information Technology)

In the recent years, the world has seen rapid growth in the field of Information Technology. It deals with dynamic analysis of evolving pleothra of information and applying it towards the manipulation of design and development of communication strategies. As the demand for real-time information over global networks is growing at an exponential rate, the impact of optical communication is increasingly felt in nearly all aspects of communication technology.

IT is the technology of computers, telecommunications, and other devices that integrate data, equipment, personnel, and problem-solving methods in planning and controlling business activities. Information technology provides the means for collecting, storing, encoding, processing, analyzing, transmitting, receiving, and printing text, audio, or video information.

Emphasis of B.E. Information Technology curriculum is on computer science, software development, networking, communication, web engineering, security, hardware design and management. Some universities also provide specialized knowledge on the analysis and design of information systems. Some of the important areas in IT education are communication technology, computer networking, optical communication, data mining and data warehousing.

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