(Sample Paper) Joint Entrance Screening Test (JEST) "Physics"

(Sample Paper) Joint Entrance Screening Test (JEST) "Physics"


1. Do not open the seal of the question paper before 10:00 AM.

2. You are given a question paper including a few blank sheets, and a machine readable Optical Mark Reader (OMR) sheet.

3. Enter your registration number on top of this question paper with black/blue pen.

4. Part A contains 15 questions, and carry 3 (three) marks each for correct answer, and -1 (negative one) mark for incorrect answer. Part B contains 10 questions and each carries 3 (three marks). These questions must be answered by integers of 4 digits each. Answer these questions on the OMR by filling in bubbles in the OMR sheet. Note that if the answer is, e.g. 25, you must fill in 0025 and if it is, e.g. 5, you must fill in 0005. If it is 0, you must fill in 0000. If the zeros are not filled in (where required), the answer will be not be credited. There are NO NEGATIVE MARKS for these questions. Part C contains 25 questions, and each carries 1 (one) mark for the correct answer, and -1/3 (negative one third) mark for incorrect answer. Multiple choice questions have only one correct answer.

5. On the OMR sheet, enter the appropriate Question Booklet Series (X, Y or Z) that is mentioned on the top right of the question paper.

6. On the OMR sheet, enter your name, registration number, and signature at the appropriate places. Strictly follow the instructions written on the OMR sheet.

7. On the OMR sheet, completely darken the bubble corresponding to your answer. Strictly follow the instructions written on the OMR sheet.

8. Only non-programmable scientific calculator is allowed, and exchange of calculators among the candidates is not permitted. Use of other items like electronic diary, writing pads, pencil box, beeper, cameras, mobile phones, palmtops, laptops, pagers etc., are not permitted inside the examination hall.

9. For rough work, use only the blank pages attached at the end of the question paper.

10. At the end of the examination, carefully separate the OMR sheet at the marked position, and return the original copy of the OMR sheet to the invigilator. Candidates are allowed to take away the candidates’ copy of the OMR, and the question paper.

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