(Syllabus) Ed.CET-2011 Entrance Test "Social Studies - Geography" Syllabus

Ed.CET-2011 Entrance Test Syllabus
Social Studies : Geography (Marks-35)

Geography Syllabus:

I. Principles of Physical Geography:

  • Interior of the Earth.
  • Major relief features of the Earth; Mountains, plateaus and plains.
  • Wegner's theory of continual drift, theory of Isostacy, Earthquakes and Volcanoes.
  • Chief types of rocks and their chrematistics. Weathering and Erosion.
  • Landforms in Fluvial, Arid, Karst, Glacial and Marine cycles. Structure and composition of the atmosphere. Distribution of temperature-vertical and horizontal; temperature inversion.
  • Pressure Belts and Planetary wind systems, Monsoons & Local winds, Precipitation, types of rainfall, Cyclones and anticyclones-tropical and temperature cyclones-an outline of Koppen's classification of climates.
  • Submarine relief - Distribution of temperature and salinity - Movements of Ocean water: Waves, Tides and Currents - Currents of the Pacific, the Atlantic and the Indian ocean - Ocean deposits.

II. Social and Economic Geography:

Definition, scope and objectives of Economic Geography Physical Environment and Human activities Concept of Resources, Types of resources, Conservation and management of resources - Distribution, Pattern and growth trends of population in the world-Type of settlements. Urban and Rural Trends in Urban growth - Agriculture: Distribution of Rice, Wheat Tea, Coffee, Cotton and Sugarcane - Distribution of major forest types, major fishing grounds of the world - Mineral and power resources : Iron, Bauxite, Coal & Petroleum - Weber's theory of industrial location - Location and distribution of Iron and Steel, Cotton Textiles.

III. Regional Geography of India:

Locational aspects, Major Physiographic regions, climate, drainage, soil types and natural vegetation - pattern and growth trends of population, urbanization - Agriculture: Rice, Wheat, Cotton, Jute, Sugarcane, Tea and Coffee - irrigation and power development in India - Minerals : Iron, coal and petroleum - Composition and pattern of trade - Resource appraisal of Telangana, Rayalaseema and Coastal Andhra.

IV. Regional Geography of Asia:

Scope and content of Regiona Geography - location, Relief, Drainage, Climate, Natural Vegetation, Agriculture. Types mineral wealth firon,tin, coal and oil); Industrial development, industries (shipbuilding, petrochemicals, automobiles); Population distribution; Broad outlines of the following as regions: South East Asia : Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia - South West Asia : Iran, Iraq, Afganisthan.

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