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VIT Engineering Entrance Examination Sample Questions Paper





1. Chitin, a component of fungal cell walls, is a polymer of

A) N-acetylglucosamine
B) Sialic Acid
C) N-acetylmuramic Acid
D) A disaccharide containing glucose and mannose

2. A mixed cranial nerve is

A) Auditory
B) Abducens
C) Facial
D) Oculomotor

3. Okazaki fragment refers to

A) DNA segment involved in recombination
B) RNA primer segments in the leading strand
C) Chain of nucleotide segments in the lagging strand
D) DNA segment formed by endonuclease action

4. Evolution is irreversible. This is known as

A) Allen’s rule
B) Dollo law
C) Bergman’s rule
D) Cope’s rule

5. Cholesterol is a

A) derived lipid
B) phospholipid
C) glycolipid
D) simple lipid

6. Which one of the following algae is used for production of agar agar?

A) Acetabularia
B) Macroalgae
C) Gelidium
D) Rhodoymenia

7. Whose classification system is universally accepted, according to which herbarium sheet is arranged and its dimensions are?

A) Bentham and Hooker, 11.50 cm-16.50 cm
B) Carl Linnaeus, 11.5 inch – 16.50 inch
C) Bentham and Hooker, 29 cm-41 cm
D) R.H.Whittaker, 29 cm-41 inch

8. In angiosperms, if the number of chromosomes in endosperms is 30, what will be the number of chromosomes in nucleus?

A) 15
B) 30
C) 20
|D) 40

9. Bt cotton is toxic for some insects but not for animals, because

A) Animals have Bt toxin resistant genes
B) Insects are small in size so toxicity will be not expressed
C) Bt toxin is effective for only flyable organism
D) Toxin becomes active in insect by alkaline pH of its gut

10. Removal of RNA polymerase III from nucleoplasm will affect the synthesis of

B) tRNA and mRNA
D) hnRNA

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