(Book) Differential Calculus For JEE (Mains & Advanced) Exam by Mcgraw Hill

(Book) Differential Calculus For JEE (Mains & Advanced) Exam by Mcgraw Hill


Language : English

Binding : Paperback

Publisher : McGraw Hill Education; 2 edition (24 April 2013)

Genre : Entrance Exams Preparation

Product Dimensions : 46.5 x 7.1 x 60.7 cm

ISBN : 9781259064203, 1259064204

Edition : 2nd Edition, 2013

Pages : 736

Description : Differential Calculus For JEE Main And Advanced is a guide on how to crack questions based on differential calculus in the JEE Main and Advanced papers.

Summary Of The Book

Calculus is the study of change in mathematical terms. Calculus has two subfields, integral calculus and differential calculus. Differential calculus is the study of the rate at which quantities alter.

The JEE(Main) or the Joint Entrance Examination is the qualifying examination for students seeking admission into the premiere schools of technology in the nation for undergraduate engineering programmes and is conducted by the Central Board Of Secondary Education in April each year.

Differential Calculus For JEE Main And Advanced is a book aimed to acquaint the readers with all the concepts of differential calculus. It includes both theory and practical questions relating to differential calculus that could be included in the JEE. The book comprehensively covers all the topics under differential calculus for the JEE Main and Advanced.

It begins with discussing the properties of several Functions and their Graphs. The theory explanations in the book are accompanied by illustrations for easy understanding and caution points, notes and study tips have been included after every chapter.

The first chapter on the Basics include Linear Function, Polynomial Function, Quadratic Equation, Rational Function, Trigonometric Function, and Exponential and Logarithmic Functions. This is followed by units on Graphs, which has topics like Power Function Graphs, Geometrical Curve Graphs, Transformation of Graphs and Miscellaneous Graphs. Sets is the next chapter, and it contains topics like Set Operations, Subsets, Real Number Systems and Cartesian Products. The fourth chapter is Functions and its subtopics are Composition of Functions, Domain of a Function, Periodic Functions, Even-Odd Function, Into-Onto Function and Inverse of Functions.

The theory is explained in a precise manner with examples to illustrate each point. There are solved problems and practice problems after each chapter and a section devoted to target problems has also been given at the end of the theory portion. The problems that have already appeared in the JEE Advanced have also been mentioned.

About Vinay Kumar

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