(Book) Mathematics for the JEE Advanced Exam by Pearson


(Book) Mathematics for the JEE Advanced Exam by Pearson


Language : English

Binding : Paperback

Publisher : Pearson India

Genre : Entrance Exams Preparation

Product Dimensions : 22.4 x 16.4 x 4 cm

ISBN : 9789332507975, 933250797X

Edition : 1st Edition, 2013

Pages : 1016

Description : Advanced Mathematics for the JEE is targeted towards students taking the JEE Mains, especially the JEE Advanced Mathematics paper. The book essentially covers all the prescribed topics and caters well to one of the most important subjects of the examination. Following a simple approach, this book explains the conceptual foundations of a topic and makes clear its applications in solving the problems. All the chapters in the book are well packed with theory, examples and solved problems. From chapter highlights to important facts and formulae, the theoretical portion is well supported by numerous illustrative examples and unsolved problems of both objective and subjective types.


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