(Book) New Pattern Physics for JEE (Advanced) Exam by Cengage Learning


(Book) New Pattern Physics for JEE (Advanced) Exam by Cengage Learning


Language : English

Binding : Paperback

Publisher : Cengage Learning

Genre : Entrance Exams Preparation

Product Dimensions : 26.4 x 20.3 x 4.6 cm

ISBN : 9788131519592, 8131519597

Edition : 1st Edition

Pages : 924

Description : New Pattern Physics for JEE (Advanced), published by Cengage Learning India Pvt. Ltd., is a comprehensive book for those who aspire to excel in the JEE Advanced exam. It is one of the books published as the Cengage Learning’s EXAM Series. All concepts are explained in simple and lucid language for better comprehension. The book conforms to the latest syllabus and exam pattern.

About Cengage Learning India

Cengage Learning India is a book house that has been developing and publishing numerous books for higher education, academic and professional, library reference books and also for various competitive exams. Their main motto is to publish books that are not only informative but also evoke more interest in the learning process in students. Some of the books from their publication house are 35 Years Solved Papers IIT-JEE Mathematics, A Textbook of Engineering Mathematics, An Introduction to Mechanical Engineering, An Introduction to Web Design and Programming and Advanced Problems in School Physics.

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