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  • (Paper) VITEEE 2007 Question Paper With Solution (PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, MATHS)
  • (Syllabus) Joint Admission Test (JAM) Syllabus for Physics (PH) : 2009
  • (Lecture) Video Lecture 37 Schrodinger Wave Equation
  • (Video) Video Lecture 11 On Quantum Physics
  • (Video) Video Lecture 6 On Classical Physics
  • (Video) Video Lecture On Quantum Physics
  • (Video) Physics Tutorial - Probability Amplitude
  • (Video) Physics Tutorial - The Compton Effect
  • (Video) Physics Tutorial - The Wave Equation
  • (Paper) Objective Physics Model Question Papers for Competitive Examinations
  • (Paper) IIT-JEE Physics Mains Question Paper Of Year 2000
  • (Paper) IIT-JEE Physics Question Paper Of Year 1999
  • (Paper) IIT-JEE Physics Question Paper Of Year 1998
  • (Paper) IIT-JEE Physics Question Paper Of Year 1997
  • (Study Notes) Rotational Part -II
  • (Study Notes) Kinematics: Motion in 1 D
  • (Model Test Paper) Engineering Entrance Examination Model Paper For (Physics)
  • (Syllabus) BITSAT Online Test Syllabus
  • (Syllabus) IIT JEE Syllabus of Physics (2009)
  • (Tutorial) Video Lecture - Introduction to Quantum Physics;Heisenberg's uncertainty principle.

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