IITJEE Counseling: How to change ‘Branch’ in IIT-D?


You may not get what you desire, But you surely get what you need…

After getting an AIR of 522 in JEE, the first question in your mind would be,” Which branch would I get?” Same happened with me last year and I was going to get Mechanical at IIT Delhi. I had always seen myself as a Computer Engineer from IIT-D which was not to be.

So, I decided to give in one more year of hard work so as to get a Branch Change (tougher than clearing JEE). When I reached IIT Hostel, I realized how tough my journey was to be. It is tougher than +2 JEE preparation because you don’t have parents and VMC classes any more to motivate you, rather one has to face distractions of “College life” and “Hostel life”.

As a mechanical engineering student, I found out that it is one of the best departments at IITD. During my first year, I realized that you need to be satisfied and happy with the branch which you get and should try to perform to your best which if God permits, will help in getting the branch which you aimed at or at least better than your present one (as in my case).

By : Rhishabh Garg (AIR Rank of 522 in 2007)