(News) IIT-Delhi students develops wireless gadget for home security

NEWS : IIT-Delhi students develops wireless gadget for home security

How's that sound if a unique security apparatus could be installed in homes that can not detect any unwanted presence happening inside the residence but also can alert the owner of the residence through a pop-up message which will be displayed on the computer screen or a SMS flashed on a cell phone anytime and anywhere. Something similar has now been invented by IIT-Delhi students which have termed the new technology as 'Home Security Application'.

This unique innovation is designed by a team consisting of students from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi using a wireless sensor network. The new technology was recently on display at the Annual Open House of IIT, Delhi.

This system can be controlled by a single remote point which can be placed at different sensors at different positions in the home. The sensors used in the technology are PIR proximity sensors that are famous for sensing heat and hence the motion of a living body within a radius of 3 meters, a glass break sensor that detects high-frequency impact sounds which can be useful if someone breaks something in the home, a smoke detector, a wireless camera to take pictures and an appliance power control.

"The base station further communicates either to a computer or a mobile equipped with an internet connection and alerts the owner through a pop-up message or a SMS whenever an event occurs", said, Prof. Subrat Kar, a faculty member at the institution.

Courtesy : indiaedunews