(Paper) Engineering Questions : Common to all Branches (Paper- 1)

(Common to all Branches)

[Paper - 1] 

The following sectoin is a list of questions generally posed to the engineers. These are questions compiled for students of all branches. These include the topics taught to almost all the students during the first year of engineering. These questions also hapen to check your fundamentals.


  •  Explain the fluid mechanics of swimming. Do you swim Name all types of strokes.

  •  Tell me some of the memory management algorithms in a multi processor system. Which one you will use

  •  Draw a graph of y = tan x. What is dy/dx in the above question What is sec x What does dy/dx denote

  •  How does a fan work Why does it have only three blades Why not more or less What is PSPO

  •  How is a pencil made Do we hurt mother nature in the process

  •  What are the dimensions of Computer Based Training How do you sell a CBT package

  •  Describe Carnot’s cycle Which real cycle comes closest to it

  •  Tell us the three laws of thermodynamics.

  •  Explain the concept of "Entropy".

  •  What is artificial intelligence Isn't it dangerous

  •  What is the mechanical equivalent of entropy

  •  Tell me the four latest developments in your field of engineering.

  •  What is a Super computer

  •  How do you hope to keep in touch with your field when you’ll be doing management for 2 years at the IIM

  •  What is the difference between Engineering and Technology

  •  What is the process cycle in a thermal power plant

  •  What is the difference between spark ignition and compression ignition engines Compare the two.

  •  What is the role of probability in Quantum Mechanics Name 5 great scientists of this field.

  •  What are geo–stationary satellites What is an elliptical orbit

  •  What is a boiler, a turbine

  •  Can you suggest improvements in the B.Tech./B.E. Course

  •  What steps would you take to improve India's environment

  •  What is the difference between 1st angle and 3rd angle

  •  What is science/Engineering/Technology

  •  What will be the result if 5 is entered in a calculator and ‘Inv. Log’ and ‘Inv.Ln’ buttons are pressed continuously

  •  What are differences between thermosetting and thermoplastics

  •  Explain Bernoulli's theorem.

  •  What is Reynolds number Explain its range.

  •  What is exponential growth How does the rate of growth change

  •  What is mean, median, mode

  •  If you have data on the incomes of families residing in some slum of your city, which of the above will give you a better idea

  • about the general income

  •  What do you think of JIT (Just In Time) manufacturing Is it still a fad

  •  If you are in the material dept, how will you justify the feasibility of introducing JIT in your company What are the shortcomings

  •  Define a robot. Differentiate a man from a machine. Are internet search engines Robots

  •  What is a Perpetual Motion Machine

  •  How will you operationally plan bulk deliveries What is logistics

  •  What is the transportation technique. Distinguish it from a LPP

  •  What is Vogel’s Method

  •  What have you done in Math, Statistics and O.R. Explain the concept of simulation.



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