(Paper) Engineering Questions : Common to all Branches (Paper- 5)

(Common to all Branches)

 [Paper - 5]

The following sectoin is a list of questions generally posed to the engineers. These are questions compiled for students of all branches. These include the topics taught to almost all the students during the first year of engineering. These questions also hapen to check your fundamentals.


  •  As an electronics man, explain how there are so many channels in “Star T.V.”. Why is T.V. an electronic instrument

  •  What is numerical analysis How many roots does an n degree equation have What is USM What are its uses What is HEREF

  •  Why is man–hole so called

  •  Name 3 methods of finding temperature of fluid in a tube. What is Octane number

  •  How does a fax work How does e–mail work

  •  Conservation efforts in mining activities. Do you think you can have mining without causing environmental damage

  •  What is MIS Which companies in India use MIS

  •  What is Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) Can we have batch sizes as low as 1

  •  What do you know about DC transmission What is transmission loss How can it be reduced

  •  What are the basic parameters of Thyristor design

  •  In a duct, mention 3 ways of measuring temperature and velocity.

  •  What are geosynthetics

  •  Name some recent developments in civil engg. What are pre–fabricated structures

  •  What changes do you envisage in the design and construction of high rise buildings, a few years hence

  •  What is Darwin's theory What is social Darwinism

  •  Arthur C. Clarke has envisaged buildings several km tall. Is that feasible

  •  Name a building which has space frames What factors do you consider while orienting the windows of the building

  •  What about PVC Is it still viable commercially What will happen if govt. reduces import duty to 30%

  •  What are the Expert Systems – Name some which have been developed and commercially employed

  •  You have studied in the IITs and enjoyed at government’s expense. At the IIMs also, there is government subsidy. Don’t you

  • think someone else should enjoy the IIMs


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