Sample Paper

Sample Paper

(Syllabus) Maharashtra State Eligibility Test (SET) Syllabus & Paper : Home Science


Maharashtra State Eligibility Test for (SET)-2010

Syllabus & Sample Questions : Home Science (Paper-II & Paper -III)

Unit—I : Food Science

  • Food Groups.

  • Food Preparation.

  • Food Preservation.

  • Food Science and Food Analysis.

  • Food Processing.

Syllabus) Maharashtra State Eligibility Test (SET) Syllabus and Paper: Political Science

Maharashtra State Eligibility Test (SET)

Syllabus and Sample Questions: Political Science (Paper-II)

1. Political Theory and Thought

  • Ancient Indian Political Thought : Kautilya and Shanti Parva.

  • Greek Political Thought : Plato and Aristotle.

  • European Thought I : Machiavelli, Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau.

  • European Thought-II : Bentham. J. S. Mill, Hegel, Marx and Green.

  • Contemporary political Thought-I : Lenin, Mao, Gramsci.

  • Contemporary Political Thought-II : Rawls, Nozic and Communitarians.

  • Modern Indian Thought : Gandhi, M. N. Roy, Aurobindo Ghosh, Joy Prakash, Ambedkar, Savarkar.

  • Concepts and Issue-I : Medieval Political Thought : Church State Relationship and Theory of Two Swords.

  • Concepts and Issue-II : Behaviouralism and Post- Behaviouralism, Decline and Resurgence of Political Theory.Democracy, Liberty and Equality.

(Syllabus) Maharashtra State Eligibility Test (SET) Syllabus For (Electronic Science)

Maharashtra State Eligibility Test (SET) 2010

Syllabus: (Electronic Science: Paper II and III)

(Part A & B)


Electronic Transport in semiconductor, PN Junction, Diode equation and diode equivalent circuit. Breakdown in diodes. Zener diodes, Tunnel diode, Semiconductor diodes, characteristics and equivalent circuits of BJT, JFET, MOSFET, IC fabrication-crystal growth, epitaxy, oxidation, lithography, doping, etching, isolation methods, metalization, bonding. Thin film active and passive devices.


Superposition, Thevenin, Norton and maximum Power Transfer Theorems. Network elements, Network graphs, Nodal and Mesh analysis, Zero and Poles, Bode Plots, Laplace, Fourier and Z-transforms. Time and frequency domain responses. Image impedance and passive filters. Two-port Network Parameters. Transfer functions, Signal representation. State variable method of circuit analysis. AC circuit analysis, Transient analysis.

(Syllabus) Maharashtra State Eligibility Test (SET) Syllabus For (Computer Science & Applications)


Maharashtra State Eligibility Test (SET) 2010

Syllabus: (Computer Science & Applications: Paper II and III)

1. Discrete Structures

Sets, Relations, Functions, Pigeonhole Principle, Inclusion-Exclusion Principle, Equivalence and Partial Orderings, Elementary Counting Techniques. Probability, Measure(s) for information and Mutual information.

Computability : Models of computation-Finite Automata, Pushdown Automata. Non-determinism and NFA, DPDA and PDAs and Languages accepted by these structures. Grammars, Languages, Non- omputability and Examples of non-computable problems.

Graph : Definition, walks, paths, trails, connected graphs, regular and bipartite graphs, cycles and circuits. Tree and rooted tree. Spanning trees. Eccentricity of a vertex radius and diameter of a graph. Central Graphs. Centre(s) of a tree. Hamiltonian and Eulerian graphs, Planar graphs.

Groups : Finite fields and Error correcting/detecting codes.

2. Computer Arithmetic

Propositional (Boolean) Logic, Predicate Logic, Well-formed-formulae (WFF), Satisfiability and Tautology.

Logic Families : TTL, ECL and C-MOS gates. Boolean algebra and Minimization of Boolean functions, Flip-flops-types, race condition and comparison, Design of combinational and sequential circuits.

Representation of Integers : Octal, Hex, Decimal and Binary. 2’s complement and 1’s complement arithmetic, Floating point representation.

(Paper) Model Questions for Engineering Entrance Tests | Chemistry


Model Questions for Engineering Entrance Tests | Chemistry

1. The number of moles of solute present in 1000 ml of the water and aqueous solution are respectively called
a. Morarity & Morality
b. Morality & Molarity
c. Normality & Molarity
d. Normality & Molality
Ans: B

2. Boltzmann constant with respect to gas constant is
a. Gas constant for 100 molecules
b. Gas constant for 10 mole of gas
c. Gas constant for 1 mole only
d. Gas constant for 1 molecule only
Ans: D

3. When Fe(OH)3 sol is added to As2S3 sol, then
a. a new solution is formed
b. an emulsion is formed
c. an zoetrope is formed
d. flocculation takes place
Ans: D

4. The number of significant digits in 0.00002 and 20,000 respectively are
a. 1 and 5
b. 1 and 1
c. 5 and 1
d. 6 and 5
Ans: A

5. In fluorite structure, the arrangement of spheres is
a. acc
b. hcc
c. hcp
d. ccp
Ans: D

6. 1 mole of hydrated CuSO4 contains
a. 90 moles of water
b. 90 atoms of water
c. 90 g of water
d. 9 g of oxygen
Ans: C

7. During the extraction of Fe, slag obtained is
a. FeO
b. FeSiO3
c. MgSiO3
d. CaSiO3
Ans: D

8. Acetaminophen is a
a. analgesics
b. disinfectant
c. antipyretic
d. none of these
Ans: C

9. Joule - Thomson effect is zero in the case of
a. Real gas
b. Permanent gas
c. Ideal gas
d. Non ideal gas
Ans: C

10. The enthalpies of elements in their standard states are taken as zero. Hence the enthalpy of formation of a compound
a. should always be negative
b. should always be positive
c. will be equal to twice the energy of combustion
d. may be positive or negative
Ans: D

(Sample Paper) Mechanical Engineering Practice Sample Paper


Mechanical Engineering Sample Paper

1. Euler's equation can be used for
a. Pumps
b. Radial flow compressors
c. Axial flow compressor
d. All the above
Ans: D

2. The machine which develops pressure on rotary principle is known as
a. Compressor
b. Reciprocating compressor
c. Rotary compressor
d. None of the above
Ans: C

3. In a single acting reciprocating air compressor, without clearance the compression of air may be
a. adiabatic
b. polytropic
c. isothermal
d. any one of the above
Ans: D

4. The work required per cycle for a single stage reciprocating compressor with clearance volume as compared to that of ideal single compressor is
a. more
b. less
c. equal
d. none of the above
Ans: B

5. Clearance ratio is defined as the ratio of
a. Clearance volume to the swept volume
b. Clearance volume to cylinder volume
c. Swept volume to the clearance volume
d. Cylinder volume to the clearance volume
Ans: A

6. Rotary air compressors are generally suitable for handling
a. Large discharge of air at high pressure
b. Low discharge air at high
c. pressureLarge discharge of air at low
d. pressureLow discharge of air at low pressure
Ans: C

7. The maximum speed upto which a rotary compressor can be
a. 100 rpm
b. 1000 rpm
c. 10000 rpm
d. 30000 rpm
Ans: D

8. Which one of the following is a wrong statement?
a. The volume of air sucked by the compressor during its suction stroke is known as swept volume
b. The volume of air delivered by the compressor per minute is known as the compressor capacity
c. The absolute pressure of air at outlet of a compressor is known as back pressure
d. The inlet pressure in case of a compressor is always less than the discharge pressure
Ans: C

9. The pressure rise in a non-positive displacement compressor is due to
a. Back flow action
b. Squeezing action
c. Back flow and squeezing action
d. Transfer of kinetic energy of the fluid to the pressure energy
Ans: D

10. The work done on a compressor will be minimum if air air is taken from
a. A source of high high temperature air
b. The atmosphere
c. A source at 00C
d. A source of low temperature air
Ans: D

(Download) Graduate Record Examination (GRE) | Study Material and Sample Papers for Preparation


Graduate Record Examination | Study Material and Sample Papers for Preparetion

Description : Following are some study material and sample papers for the preparation of Graduate record examination. Each practice book contains full length test, answer keys, test taking strategies.

Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology (ZIP File)
Biology (ZIP File)
Chemistry (ZIP File)
Computer Science (ZIP File)
Literature in English (ZIP File)
Mathematics (ZIP File)
Physics (ZIP File)
Psychology (ZIP File)

(Sample Paper) JEST | Computer Science Sample Question Paper


JEST | Computer Science Sample Question Paper

1. Select the correct alternative in each of the following:
(a) Let a and b be positive integers such that a > b and a2 − b2 is a prime number.
Then a2 − b2 is equal to
(A) a − b (B) a + b © a × b (D) none of the above
(b) When is the following statement true? (A [ B) \ C = A \ C
(A) If A¯ \ B \ C =  (B) If A \ B \ C = 
© always (D) never
© If a fair die (with 6 faces) is cast twice, what is the probability that the two
numbers obtained differ by 2?
(A) 1/12 (B) 1/6 © 2/9 (D) 1/2
(d) T(n) = T(n/2) + 2; T(1) = 1
When n is a power of 2, the correct expression for T(n) is:
(A) 2(log n + 1) (B) 2 log n © log n + 1 (D) 2 log n + 1


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