(Download) AIEEE Practice Test Paper CHEMISTRY (SOLVED) | AIEEE 2011

AIEEE Model Test Paper (SOLVED)

1) Which of the following compounds containing chiral carbons is optically inactive?
a) (R)-Lactic acid
b) (R,R)-Tartaric acid
c) (R,S)-Tartaric acid

d) Glycine

2) Which of the following radial distribution graphs corresponds to orbital with n = 3, l = 2 ?

3) Complete coagulation of one litre of an aquasol requires 0.001 equivalents of Na3PO4. Whereas the coagulation of the same requires 0.1 equivalents of AlCl3. During electrophoresis of this colloidal solution, the sol particles will migrate towards:
a) anode 
b) cathode
c) both anode and cathode 
d) do not migrate

4) The major product formed in the following reaction is:

5) Dioxygen is paramagnetic because: 
a) there are two unpaired electrons in doubly degenerate π -LUMO’s.
b) there are two unpaired electrons in doubly degenerate π-HOMO’s.
c) there are two unpaired electron in a σ-LUMO.
d) Dioxygen is not paramagnetic and hence there are no unpaired electrons.

6) Austenite form of iron has FCC crystal lattice structure, whereas its alpha form has BCC crystal lattice structure. Assuming closest packed arrangement of iron atoms, what will be the ratio of density of Austenite to that of alpha iron?
a) 1 : 1.088 
b) 1 : 1.837 
c) 3.674 : 1 
d) 1.088 : 1 

7) The anti-histamine which reduces the secretion of pepsin and hydrochloric acid in stomach is 
a) Pencillin 
b) Terfenadine (Seldane) 
c) Brompheneramine 
d) Cimetidine