IISER Exam Model Papers 2 : Biology

IISER Exam Model Papers 2 : Biology

1. Offspring formed by sexual reproduction exhibit more variation than those formed by asexual reproduction because

A. each gamete has unique genetic composition.
B. sexual reproduction is a lengthy process.
C. genetic material comes from parents of two different species.
D. greater amount of DNA is involved in sexual reproduction.

2. In the human body which element is most abundant by weight and by number respectively?

A. carbon, hydrogen.
B. oxygen, hydrogen.
C. oxygen, carbon.
D. carbon, nitrogen.

3. Approximately how many cells of staphylococci will be able to fit in the volume of a human red blood cell?

A. 10.
B. 1000.
C. 10000.
D. 50000.

4. Although intracellular bacterial infection can be treated by giving an antibiotic that blocks protein synthesis, it doesn’t affect human cells. Why?

A. Antibiotic molecules can’t enter human cells.
B. Antibiotic gets degraded by human cell.
C. Human ribosomes are different from bacterial ribosomes.
D. Human genetic code is different from bacterial genetic code.

5. Which of the following groups of animals you would expect to evolve chemical defences against predators?

A. slow moving with hard shell.
B. sedentary without a hard shell.
C. burrowing.
D. arboreal.

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