(Paper) IIT UCEED Previous Year Question Paper - 2015

(Paper) IIT UCEED Previous Year Question Paper - 2015

: Section A: Numerical :

1. Count the number of circles in the given figure.

2. Shown here are different types of leaves. Count how many types of leaves there are.

3. Count the number of squares in the given figure.

4. Shown here are letters of an alphabet, from A to Z. How many of these letters, if flipped along the horizontal axis, can still be read as capital letters?

5. Count the number of fonts used in the given set of words.

6. The five most recent cricket scores of four teams are as follows:

Based on this information, identify the team with the most consistent performance (least variance in scores), and write its average.

7. Count the number of spelling mistakes in the given passage.

8. Shown below are three types of interlocking rods. There are total 12 rods, of which 6 are type A, 2 are type B and 4 are type C respectively. What is the maximum length that can be achieved by connecting the rods appropriately?

9. The given figure is made of letters L, T, H, I, E and F, set in different orientations. Find the total number of occurrences of capital letter T in the figure.

10. Shown below, to the left, are three types of pencils: A, B and C. Find the total number of type A pencils in the figure on the right, which shows various pencils pointing in either of the two directions, up or down.

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