(Books) Joint Entrance Screening Test (JEST)

(Books) Joint Entrance Screening Test (JEST)

JEST Books for Electronics

  • Digital Principles and Applications by Leach and Malvino
  • Op-amps and Linear Integrated circuits by Gayakwad (Prentice Hall)
  • Electronic Principles by Malvino
  • Integrated circuits by Botkar
  • Linear Integrated circuits by D.Roy Choudhury, Shail Jain
  • Operational Amplifiers by Subrahmanyam
  • Operational Amplifiers Applications by G.B.Clayton
  • Power Electronics by P.C.SenSMPS Inverters Converters by Gottlib

JEST Books for Classical Mechanics

  • Classical Mechanics by H.Goldstein
  • Classical Dynamics of Particles and Systems by Marion and Thomtron
  • Classical Mechanics by P.V.Panat
  • Classical Mechanics by N.C.Rana and P.S.Joag
  • Introduction to Classical Mechanics by R.G.Takawale and P.S.Puranik
  • Classical Mechanics by J.C.Upadhyaya

JEST Books for Quantum mechanics

  • Introduction to Quantum Mechanics by by David J.Griffiths
  • Quantum Mechanics by L.I.Schiff
  • Quantum mechanics by A.Ghatak and S.Lokanathan
  • Modern Quantum mechanics by J.J.Sakurai
  • Quantum Physics by R. Eisberg and R.Resnick
  • Introductory Quantum mechanics by Granier

JEST Books for Electrodynamics

  • Classical electricity & Magnetism, by Panofsky and Phillips
  • Foundations of Electromagnetic theory, by Reitz & Milford
  • Classical Electrodynamics, by J.D.Jackson
  • Special theory of Relativity, by Robert Resnick
  • Electromagnetics by B.B.Laud
  • Matrices and Tensors in Physics by A. W. Joshi
  • Introductory Quantum Mechanics by Li boff

JEST Books for Statistical Mechanics

  • Statistical Mechanics by R.K.Pathria, Bufferworgh Heinemann
  • Statistical Mechanics, by K.Huang
  • Statistical Mechanics, by Satya Prakash
  • Statistical Mechanics by Loknathan and Gambhir

JEST Books for Atomic & Molecular Physics Spectroscopy

  • Introduction to Atomic Spectra by H.E. White
  • Fundamentals of Molecular Spectroscopy by C.B. Banwell
  • Spectroscopy Vol.I, II, III by Walker and Straughen.
  • Introduction to Molecular Spectroscopy by G.M. Barrow
  • Elements of Spectroscopy by Gupta, Kumar, Sharma

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