(Book) Physics (1978-2016: 39 Years) Vol. 1 Mechanics, Waves and Optics For The IIT JEE Exam by PsiPhiETC


(Book) Physics (1978-2016: 39 Years) Vol. 1 Mechanics, Waves and Optics  For The IIT JEE  Exam by PsiPhiETC


Language : English

Binding : Paperback

Publisher : PsiPhiETC ; Second edition (15 August 2016)

Genre : Entrance Exams Preparation

Product Dimensions : 15.2 x 2.6 x 22.9 cm

ISBN : 9789352656097, 9352656091

Edition : 2, 2016

Pages : 457

Description : If you are ready to crack toughest exam of the world, you must have this now. Two IITian have worked together to provide a high quality Physics problem book to Indian students. It is an indispensable collection of previous 39 years IIT questions and their illustrated solutions for any serious aspirant. The success of this work lies in making the readers capable to solve complex problems using few basic principles. The readers are also asked to attempt variations of the solved problems to help them understand the concepts better. The students can use the book as a readily available mentor for providing hints or complete solutions as per their needs.


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